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Top five Preparation Tips to Crack JEE Mains & Advanced Exam 2019

JEE mains & advanced exams are a tough nut to crack. It is one of the toughest examinations. An exam that not only tests your academic capacity but also your cognitive skills. Like every year JEE mains 2019, will also examine your academic as well psychological strength. In order to triumph this test, it is necessary to prepare on all fronts. In this short article, we will quickly sift through the most important tips that will help you in successfully qualifying the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE advanced).

  1. Sleep early, wake up early – Its time you finally realize the good old saying ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ We don’t believe it makes anyone wealthy either but it definitely helps in psychological balance and mental hygiene. A refreshed mind absorbs faster and retains longer.
  2. Learn concepts, don’t regurgitate – Being aspiring engineers, it is highly important to gain conceptual clarity over the holy trinity; Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. You should fall in love with these subjects and practice the drills with passionate sincerity for conceptual clarity.
  3.  Solve illustrations and examples – Many students read through arithmetic problems several times to get a grasp of the equation. Although it may temporarily make sense without solving it manually, you’ll reach nowhere. So pull out a practice book and practice, practice and practice. Take multiple JEE main mock test online as well as offline
  4. Prepare a timetable – You must have heard the quote ‘Failure to plan is planning to fail.’ This does not ring any truer when preparing for JEE. Allotting ample time to each subject every day is necessary. Creating a winner time-table and sticking with it till the day of the examination will help you progress daily, else you might find yourself squandering time by engaging in worthless activities.
  5. Time your speed – Although you don’t have to follow this initially as you progress closer to the date of the exam, it is a necessity. JEE is more of a test of discipline and aptitude. This means not only should you be resolving an answer but also be working out quicker than most.

These five tips are the foundation for JEE exam preparation. When you follow these down to a T, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition and develop a knack for solving questions in a snap.

Sunil Mohal
Sunil Mohal has been engaged in helping students and professionals maximise their skills for the last 30 years. He has been exposed to the Hospitality Industry and the Defence Services as an officer cadet at NDA which have imbibed the virtues of customer service with discipline. Having setup Computer Programs in many of the leading schools in India, he brings enormous practical experience of Academia. Having also engaged with some of the largest IT companies in the world he understands the enormous challenges of Change and its impact on people.