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Why should a student choose K12aspire?

There are many reasons why one should join K12aspire and a few of these have been summarized below-

  • Impeccable system of education delivery.
  • Exhaustive, simple, precise, relevant and unique study material and Test papers.
  • Learning-friendly and competitive environment at the study centres.
  • Integrated approach to teaching – covers School/Board & Competitive Exams.
  • Special Revision and doubt Classes
  • Work culture – Disciplined & Transparent
  • Ever evolving and flawless system of management.
  • Back-up classes for weak and late-joining students.
  • Various types of tests - like Weekly/Fortnightly tests, Term tests, Practice assignments
  • Part-wise & Complete syllabus-based Home assignments.
  • Frequently organized parent-teacher interaction sessions.
  • Motivational classes to inspire and stay focused.
  • Well-equipped & technically enabled Classrooms.


Which batch should I take Weekdays or Weekend?

It all depends on the comfort levels of a student. Weekdays batch helps in maintaining the rhythm of a student but are a bit hectic. Weekend classes generally take the entire day but are a bit relaxed as these are scheduled on weekends.

There are some significant differences between the two –Weekdays or Weekend.

  • In weekdays batch, a student can interact with the faculty regularly but in weekend batch he has to wait for Saturday or Sunday.
  • In weekdays time management could be the problematic area for the student, but on weekends, a child can easily manage his/her time.
  • If a student is coming from a far-off place, then certainly weekend batch would be a better option otherwise weekdays batches are fine.
  • For weekend batch, student needs to be self-motivated towards his/ her aim.

How to manage study for Entrance Exams & School Exams simultaneously?

Preparing for an entrance exam is undoubtedly exhausting. However, a student can follow these tips in order to prepare well and not overburden himself at the end;

  • Coming prepared to lectures at k12aspire class by reading Study Package notes helps student understand concepts/chapters better.
  • Solving home assignments reinforces whatever is taught in the class.
  • NCERT chapter coverage gives immense advantage by ensuring that the Board or School exam preparation is taken care of, since entire NCERT is covered.
  • NCERT forms the base for PMT & JEE, etc. therefore preparation for entrance exams is also solidified.
  • Practicing lots of questions from good MCQ books provides exposure to all kinds of questions and also helps a student to solve questions in a limited time span. Remember, for example, in PMT you need to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes (approx. one minute to solve one question). Therefore, a student should not waste time in the examination hall in making himself familiar with questions. Instead, he should simply start doing the questions, which is possible only if he has solved lots of similar questions in the past.

Why should a student join Two Years Course?

The competition for engineering and medical entrance exams is getting tougher with each passing year. And ‘Two-Year-Course’ provides integrated preparation.the general pattern of the papers these days is that they comprise about 55% of the questions asked in entrance examinations are from Class XI syllabus and the rest 45% questions are from Class XII syllabus.

So, preparing in the right earnest from class XI is a must for cracking these competitive exams and building a right foundation. Nowadays, the two-year integrated program has been bearing optimum result, so if someone wishes to 100% crack in medical & engineering entrance exams, it is wise to get enrolled in this program at the earliest.

Which study material or pattern should be followed by the students?

We provide our students with original question samples that have been prepared by the competent faculty at K12aspire. Other institutes simply copy the previous year questions or modify them a bit. This does not provide a competitive edge to the students. We have a dedicated research-based team that stresses only on the study material.

What is the pattern of tests at K12aspire?

The problems and questions asked in the test papers are designed such that they truly test the conceptual thinking and knowledge of the students. Both full syllabus and part-syllabus tests are conducted at regular intervals. Performance reports (Analytics) of test papers and class/test, attendance etc. are regularly sent to parents, to keep them updated with their ward’s performance.

Is study Material & Test Papers being provided authentic?

Yes, the study material provided by K12aspire is original and is prepared by our well qualified and experienced faculty. The material prepared is strictly as per the syllabus guidelines of various entrance exams and CBSE. The study material is exhaustive enough to give the required competitive aptitude to the students. Study material builds the concepts of the students. Concepts are then put to test by our original and conceptual test papers. Test papers designed at K12aspire are not only as per the latest pattern of the Entrance Exams but are also intended to keep students on toes.

What is the teaching Methodology used by K12 Aspire teachers?

Revision of previous lectures is done on a routine basis by our teachers; Concept clearing sessions in each subject are also conducted at frequent intervals which equip students with all possible tips, tricks, and short-cut-methods to crack the competitive examinations. Our role is to provide quality education by all means. Career-building of our students marks our fundamental objective.

What if I am not a CBSE student?

Even if one is not a CBSE student, he/she at the end of the schooling will look for career-oriented competitive examinations. The K12aspire prepares them for this need. Moreover, the study material of K12 aspire is exhaustive, covering not only CBSE syllabus but virtually covering syllabus of other related boards too.