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academic achievement

The Board exams are here upon us, and millions of students in India will be taking the examinations principally for class XII which in the words of the average parent “will decide their future”. In today’s world, low scores or “bad marks” as they are popularly described are a sure path to an uncertain life. So, goes the accepted norm. After all, what do you accept when you have online dictionaries giving synonyms such as “loss of credit”, “mark against one” etc for “Bad Marks”

Sunil Mohal
Sunil Mohal has been engaged in helping students and professionals maximise their skills for the last 30 years. He has been exposed to the Hospitality Industry and the Defence Services as an officer cadet at NDA which have imbibed the virtues of customer service with discipline. Having setup Computer Programs in many of the leading schools in India, he brings enormous practical experience of Academia. Having also engaged with some of the largest IT companies in the world he understands the enormous challenges of Change and its impact on people.