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Teaching Methodology

We believe that traditional teaching methodology in India is not equipped enough to tackle the new challenges that boards and competitive exams are posing. Classroom teaching tends to become monotonous, resulting in the students losing interest in the subject. We focus on making the learning process engaging so that the students have an immersive learning experience and they enjoy what they study.

Our preparation approach for competitive and board exams is quite unique. We have modeled our teaching methodology around a two-in-one approach, wherein we prepare a student for the boards exams as well as different competitive exams. We make sure that the students have a strong base as well as an in-dept knowledge of the concepts. Our exceptional training empowers them to perform exceedingly well in the board exams. At the same time, they are also able to answer the tricky and complex multiple choice questions in the competitive exams with accuracy.

We have observed that the students of Tier-2 & 3 cities often do not have good command over English language. This leads to problem in understanding the books meant for the preparation of competitive exams. Also, the lack of communication skills lets down their self-confidence due to which they are not able to tap their full potential. In addition to the regular courses, we have included special English classes to equip the students with communication skills which will enhance their ability to grasp the concepts with ease.

English Communication

This is a special initiative from K12 Aspire to enhance English language skills of the students in order to help them understand & communicate better.

Technology-Aided Learning

Technology is at the core of our teaching process. Digital learning solutions are crafted to aid the traditional classroom learning.

Adaptive Assessment

As the name suggests, this assessment dynamically adapts to the knowledge level of the students. This helps us gauge their current level and test them accurately.

Small Classes

Every student needs special attention and it is possible only when the classroom strength is kept low. We adhere to this principle in all its strictness.

Trained Teachers

Teachers are the ones who are entrusted with the responsibility of mentoring the students to success. We lay special emphasis on training the teachers about the best teaching methodology.

Mental Ability & Logical Reasoning

With an aim to provide a wholesome education where the students are not only made to mug up but to understand, mental ability and logical reasoning classes are an addition to the regular courses.